Luxtronz Motion Pictures is a independent film and video production company owned and operated by filmmaker, producer/writer/director Fritz Myer, specializing in action-adventure, comedy and mystery documentary films located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Established: 2010
Employees: (N/A)

Investment Opportunities
We are looking for a film loan or financial partner for our first feature film "My Michigan Vacation!" "Structured profit sharing" is calculated for each actor, crew member, etc., for each movie production we release, however, an investor would always be paid back-in-full first, before any others can receive their calculated royalties. 

Career Opportunities
We expect to hire part-time contractors, sub-contractors and employees upon securing our current film budget and will continue reviewing actors and crew members to join our team.  News will be posted on our website when we are ready to hire for this film, however you can always email us your resume before such time so it's on file when we're ready to schedule  interviews.

Domestic Digital Film Distribution
We distribute media direct to retailers and wholesalers, however, we are always open to review any exclusive or non-exclusive distribution offers from any other vendors or studio distributors.

Foreign Film Distribution
We distribute DVD's direct to foreign outlet channels, however, we are open to review any foreign distribution offers from other wholesalers. We currently can add subtitles and/or voice-overs in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Indian.  Other languages by request.

Theatrical Licensing
All of our EPIC anamorphic films for theater engagements meet all digital surround sound and the Motion Pictures of America Cinema Projection specifications.

Global Broadcast Licensing
We have a wide range of global broadcasting agreements and rates available for both broadcasting and pay-per-view providers.

Contact us at 616.724.9833 for additional information, rates and availability.

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